Season of RevisionSlider

Mediawiki Extension Jquery

The RevisionSlider is a MediaWiki extension, It adds a slider to the diff page that allows to easily navigate through revisions.



Wikimedia Tool MERN Stack GSoC

Tool to cut and trim videos in Wikimedia Commons. More info at Commons: VideoCutTool


Flick - A short video application

Flutter Azure

Indian application to entertainement the masses. More info at flick site


dShop Inventory Application

SAP CAP NodeJS Internship

Dshop Inventory management tool allows SAP colleagues and other community members to request the devices in a easy and simple way, This helps dshop admins to easy their work in managing catalog.


Phishing Detection using SHAP

Data Mining CyberSecurity Research

Build a system which helps in explaining why some domains are malicious. An analysis using SHAP and pick up the most important features contributing to the URL is malicious.


Distributed Readers Writers

Dirstibuted systems JAVA

Built a model for the readers-writers problem and implemented using Java Remote Method Invocation.


SLara App - Sign Language Reader Application

ML JAVA CSR Impact Hackathon

Mobile app that can recognize Indian sign language and read out loud to help the people with hearing impairment communicate efficiently with others who don’t have the knowledge of sign language.


Forex Forcaster

ML React Innovation Challenge

Support SAP Customers to hedge the currency for the best rates by providing them a predictive tool that helps them to time the hedging for maximum profitability.

House Boat

Kottayam House Boat Database Management System


A PostGreSQL based application for managing houseboats. The project maintains records of each boat, routes, costumers, owners and supports all other related queries.